Opposition’s plans to oust ANC

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The majority of the opposition parties in Parliament have agreed to put their differences aside and join forces to oust the ANC out of power in next year’s elections.

They met in Cape Town and resolved to hold regular workshops as part of developing the skills on how to form coalition governments. They are adamant that the 2024 elections will not see an outright winner after the polls.

DA Chief Whip Siviwe Gwarube, EFF member of Parliament Nazier Paulsen and IFP’s Alphas Buthelezi participated in the discussions.

“What also is going to be very important as we head towards the 2024 is the state of coalition governments in the country. We are willing to work with considering working with anyone who is mindful of today’s suffering of the poor, working class. There is no party in the very close future that is going to rule outright majority.”