Opposition parties disappointed by Makhura's SOPA

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Opposition parties have expressed disappointment at Gauteng Premier David Makhura’s State of the Province Address. Makhura delivered the 2022 State of the Province Address (SOPA) in Johannesburg where he spoke about doubling employment and making land available for economic development and housing.
This is Makhura’s last SOPA as he recently announced this is his last term as Gauteng African National Congress (ANC) chair.
Makhura says he is committed to halving the current unemployment figures in the province. He says youth unemployment is a serious problem that needs to be tackled urgently.
Makhura says he will launch a provincial war room that will consist of business and government to help promote township enterprises and economic growth.
“We are winning the battle against COVID particularly more that it is contained. And in this context ladies and gentlemen, we are shifting our main focus and energy to tackle unemployment. And it is this unemployment that requires the kind of response we gave to COVID-19.”
Makhura also raised concern over the vandalism of infrastructure and has condemned the acts of a controversial group, Operation Dudula. He says no one should take the law into their own hands, adding that police and other government entities should do their job to ensure that every foreigner in the country is here legally.
“This is a matter of great concern. We go everywhere in Gauteng, the question of illegal migrants is everywhere. Those who are documented are welcome. The poor borders are a problem in our country. The national government has announced measures to strengthen border security and to enforce our migration laws.”
Premier David Makhura delivers the State of the Province Address: 

However, this was not received well by opposition parties. The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) says Makhura’s address has been sounding the same over the years.
“There’s nothing to tell the people of Gauteng. There’s no implementation. He does that since 2014, if you can read his speeches, he does not have the results to say this is what I did. He says the region, the province, he does not say a particular place. Even beneficiaries of bursaries, that’s why I was fuming when he spoke about the Tshepo 1 million. We said give us the list of the people that benefited. He cannot give you the list. That’s the premier of Gauteng,” says EFF’s Itani Mukwevho.
The Democratic Alliance’s Solly Msimanga also shares the same sentiments.
“He does not have a plan as to how do we get there except for talking about a few cannabis farms. I do not know if people are going to be eating cannabis. And he’s talking about youth unemployment, but there’s no clear plan in terms of what is going to be done.”