Operation Dudula North West branch aims to stop illegal mining

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Operation Dudula says it wants to eradicate illegal mining in North West. The movement, which launched its first branch in the province in Rustenburg says it’s focus in the province will be on illegal activities in and around the Rustenburg Platinum Belt.

Scores of supporters of Operation Dudula gathered at Olympia Stadium.

Supporters from provinces including North West and Gauteng, were graced by Operation Dudula national structures and its founder Nhlanhla “Lux” Dlamini.

With Rustenburg as the first region in the province to launch a branch. Dlamini says the movement will focus on illicit mining activities.

Operation Dudula Youth Leader, Nhlanhla Lux Dlamini. “No stone goes unturned, a mining community already tells you that in this country we have got problem of illegal mining correct. Our economy its centred around a few things agriculture and mining being the top of our economy. When you have a pillar of our economy being taken by illegal foreigners that tells you it is not happening here its actually on its way to happen because it is a mining economy. So if we put measures in place today, we can save the economy of our country tommorrow. So we are going go into every company and we are going to.”

The Regional organiser, Rolex Mabula says this movement is aimed at addressing many evident social ills taking place in the area.

Operation Dudula, Rustenburg Regional Organiser Rolex Dlamini says “We have a problem of prostitution in our country, I believe you understand that prostitution is currently a crime in this country. We have a problem of human trafficking in this country, we have a problem of illegal immigrants selling alcohol in spaza shops. We have so many the list is endless.”

Community members share mixed views on Operation Dudula

One Community member says “I am not ok because most of foreigners we came here in different ways. I understand some the operation must attack them because some are doing illegal things.” Another community member says “I want the Nigerians to leave because they are killing us with drugs.”

Meanwhile Operation Dudula extended its activities to the Rustenburg taxi rank to create awareness about their movement.

Operation Dudula launches its first branch in North West: