Only the best quality food for Cosatu delegates

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The executive sous chef, Andries Bezeidenhout, at the Cosatu 11th national congress in Midrand, says they are serving only the best for delegates attending the congress. Bezuidenhout, who works for Gallagher Gourmet and has 12 years of experience, says: “With the quantity of people, we cannot do top five star food but we do the best quality for the amount of people.” He says the organisers of the event came for food tasting, two months ago, to see what they want their delegates to be served at the congress. The delegates have been served lunch and supper but no breakfast. They are served a buffet consisting of a variety of dishes such as beef briskets, chicken wings, mixed vegetables, and roasted potato wedges. For supper, they are also served dessert consisting of black forest gateau, coffee mouse and ice cream.

The delegates have also frequented the coffee and water bar.

About 50 staff members have been employed to tender to the delegates. They have no breaks and work for 7-10 hours a day. “There is no time to stop. There is a lot of food that needs to be done,” adds Bezuindehout. He also says that they have not received any complaints so far as the “delegates are very satisfied.” Anyone thirsty? The delegates have also frequented the coffee and water bar. The bar supervisor, Phuti Sekhu, says they have to order their supplies twice a day as there is a high demand for their offerings. She says on a daily basis, they order a large amount of bottled water and 12 1kg containers of coffee. The event started on Monday and will come to an end today.

– By Palesa Kobedi, Midrand