Only ANC and DA have control in local councils with almost 60% of vote counted

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With the vote count in 100 of 213 municipalities completed by 5am on Wednesday morning, a picture of dominance by two parties, the ANC and the DA, is emerging at local council level. The ANC is leading the vote count in 74 councils and has secured control of 54 councils, while the DA is leading in 21 councils and have an outright majority to control 11 councils across the country. Only 2 other parties have so far secured leading votes in councils. In Kwazulu-Natal the NFP has the lead in one council and in the Western Cape ICOSA has the most votes in one council. This picture could still change significantly as only 58% of the vote has been confirmed and returned to the IEC by 5am on Wednesday. The IEC said earlier that votes counted overnight would reach at least 90% by Wednesday morning.