One person has died whilst two others have been admitted to hospital while participating in the Amashova Classic Cycle race.

The race was cut-off in Pinetown, west of Durban. A decision was made by Tsogo Sun Amashova Race Organisers and the Joint Operation’s Centre that the 106 km race was to be stopped when temperatures soared to potentially dangerous levels for cyclists.

At midday, seven buses were sent to collect approximately 400 cyclists who were still riding in the Botha’s Hill region. They were to be brought back with their bicycles to the finish area at Suncoast

The cut-off was made after 28-year-old HB Kruger took the honours in the race after seven attempts, while Carla Obeholzer won for the third time in row in the women’s elites category.

The Durban Metro Police confirmed the cut-off of the Amashova Classic Tour due to heatwave.