Judge Glen Goosen has dismissed Nigerian Pastor Timothy Omotoso’s bail appeal in the Port Elizabeth High court in the Eastern Cape.

Omotoso is facing 48 charges of sexual assault, human trafficking, and rape. He also faces five charges of contravening with the Immigration Act.

Judge Goosen did not read out his entire judgement, but informed the court of his decision to dismiss the appeal.

Omotoso’s defence team was appealing his bail application, which was denied in June 2017.

Although the pastor was not present, the Port Elizabeth High Court was packed to capacity with members of the Jesus Dominion International Church.

Some members were singing outside the court to show support for their pastor.

In his judgement, Judge Goosen states that he is not satisfied with the argument made by Omotoso’s defence team that Magistrate Thandeka Mashile, wrongly exercised her discretion when she refused bail.

He also added that he cannot fault the judgement that the accused has no ties to the country and might evade trial.

Omotoso was first denied bail on the 9th of June, and he re-applied in August citing new facts.

Magistrate Mashile denied his bail again on the 8th of September, saying there were no new facts.

Goosen says the applicant failed to persuade him with the arguments brought to court.

Omotoso is set to appear in court next week Tuesday. He will be joined by two women who face similar charges.

They were arrested last week and appeared at the Port Elizabeth Magistrates Court, where they were granted R2 000 bail each.

They are accused of recruiting young girls for Omotoso.

A trial date is expected to be set for this case next week.