Omotoso trial should not be dragging: Expert

Cheryl Zondi
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Law experts say the rape trial of controversial Pastor Timothy Omotoso should not be dragging on because this is a denial of justice.

Judge Mandela Makaula earlier decided to recuse himself amid claims of bias.

Cheryl Zondi has addressed a media briefing in Johannesburg, where she vowed to testify in the re-trial of the rape case.

She says this was to honour other victims of sexual violence and rape.

Constitutional law expert and political analyst Shadrack Gutto says the case is of extreme importance and should be treated as such.

“Serious offences like this one need to be extradited and put in front of anything else, if we focus on the victim. Serious crimes like this one, especially gender-based violence and abuse should be prioritised. The prosecuting authority should not agree with the court to postpone this and a new Judge should be appointed soon.”

Gutto says evidence from Zondi’s testimony should not be used against her.

“I think what is going to be problematic here is that evidence that was given by her before the Judge recused himself must not be used against her whatsoever. She can’t be expected to give her testimony word for word. If they want to use it to score points the Judge presiding over the matter should protect her against that.”