Omotoso trial continuing at slow pace

Pastor Timothy Omotoso
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The Judge in the  trial of Pastor Timothy Omotoso will give her judgement on the defence’s application to compel the state to furnish them with more particulars.

Omotoso’s lawyer, Peter Daubermann, told the court that as the charge sheet stands it’s too vague with regards to dates and times of the alleged offences.

Omotoso faces charges including rape, human trafficking and racketeering.

Outside the Port Elizabeth High Court, political parties rallied together to show support for the victims, while church members affirmed their support for their pastor.

In court A, Omotoso’s defence team argued that the charge sheet lacked detailed referenced times and dates.

Cheryl Zondi the first witness in the initial trial testified that the alleged rapes took place over a period of weeks.

Defence Lawyer, Peter Daubermann told the court that he produced plane tickets during her previous testimony, which proved Omotoso was out of the country at the time of the alleged sexual assault.

He pointed out examples where the state only noted time frames as ‘between 2010 and 2015’, or where words like approximately or about were used.

He is adamant that the exact times and places should be included.

Daubermann told the court that Zondi conceded and confirmed Omotoso was not in the country.

State Prosecutor Nceba Ntelwa told the court that he had provided all the particulars to the defence.

While the state is adamant that this just a delaying tactic by the defence, the defence is now eagerly waiting for ruling on the matter by  Judge Irma Schoeman on Thursday afternoon.

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-Additional reporting by Jayed-Leigh Paulse