Omotoso returns to court amid Constitutional Court petition

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The trial of the controversial Nigerian pastor of the Jesus Dominion International Church, Timothy Omotoso and two co-accused, will resume in the High Court in Port Elizabeth on Monday.

They are facing more than 90 charges related to sexual crimes and human trafficking. Proceedings might not resume as Omotoso’s defence team has petitioned the Constitutional Court to hear an application to have the judge in the matter recused.

The team accuses Judge Mandela Makaula of being biased.

The Supreme Court of Appeal in Bloemfontein dismissed the application by Omotoso’s legal team to have presiding Judge Mandela Makaula recuse himself.

It dismissed the application on the grounds that it has no prospect of success. The defence wants Makaula to recuse himself and the charges against their clients quashed claiming undue bias. Several witnesses are yet to take to the stand.

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