Nigerian Pastor Timothy Omotoso’s defence team is arguing the factual basis of the evidence used to deny him bail.

Omotoso was denied bail in June this year and lodged a new bail application in August after new evidence was brought to court.

His defence is appealing the second decision to deny him bail.

He faces charges of sexual assault and human trafficking.

Omotoso’s defence lawyer, Alwyn Russouw, says the reasons given by the state on why bail should be declined were not factual.

He makes reference to a tip off, of the accused skipping the country, the story of his arrest in England for fraud and how he would interfere with the investigation, saying these were not verified.

Omotoso is appealing the bail judgment given at the Port Elizabeth Magistrates court.

Presiding Judge Glen Goosen has questioned the relevance of some arguments made by the defence in the case. The appeal continues.