The state and defence have closed their cases in the lengthy bail application of Timothy Omotoso. The bail hearing which started three weeks ago has been postponed to Thursday for closing arguments.

Omotoso and two co-accused Zukiswa Sitho and Lusanda Sulani are facing more than 90 sex-related charges. The arrest of Omotoso has been the highlight of the bail application, with the defence saying there was no warrant issued on time for the arrest.

The trial of Omotoso is expected to resume next month.

Earlier on Tuesday, former head of the Hawks in the Eastern Cape, Col Brenda Magwangqana continued being cross-examined by defence advocate Terry Price in the bail application of Omotoso in the Port Elizabeth High Court.

Price pointed out a few aspects in the colonel’s affidavit that she had no knowledge of, such as the arrest of Omotoso at the Port Elizabeth airport.

Magwangqana countered by saying she had not been there and it was information given to her by her team. She continued to testify  in her mother tongue which is Xhosa through an interpreter.

She confirmed that she requested Omotoso comes to Port Elizabeth for questioning. But her testimony differs from what Omotoso’s former lawyer, Alwyn Griebenouw testified last week. He represented Omotoso at the time. He testified that Magwangqana told him Omotoso will not be arrested.

Omotoso was arrested at the Port Elizabeth airport on his arrival in 2017.

Defence advocate, Terry Price, was also critical of Magwangqna’s testimony, saying she does not answer questions.

Judge Phillip Zilwa also attempted several times to get clarity.

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