The Department of Employment and Labour inspectors in Gauteng have cracked down on a Chinese factory allegedly involved in the trafficking of illegal immigrants. This was a joint operation between the Gauteng Labour Department, South African Police Service (SAPS) and the Hawks unit.

The illegal immigrants who are said to have been subjected to forced labour were found on the premises of a company located at Village Deep south of Johannesburg.

Minor children, who are alleged to be around the age of 15, were also found.

The company is found to be in violation of South Africa’s immigration legislation, by-laws, health regulations, and engaging in child labour.

Beautiful City Pty Ltd. employed 150 employees and 149 of them were illegal/undocumented foreigners. It’s alleged that the Chinese employers were engaged in the trafficking of Malawian citizens.

Information obtained by the department was that the migrant workers were locked in a factory day and night.

Employees were found to be working under appalling conditions covered in fluff, and it’s alleged they work seven days a week with no leave, and lived on the premises in uninhabitable conditions.

The employer has been arrested and all those found on the premises were recorded and taken to a place of safety to allow further investigations.