Objections against party candidates close on Tuesday

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Elections expert, and Institute of Election Management Services in Africa (IEMSA) executive chair, Terry Tselane explains the process of submitting political party candidate lists, and how to raise objections on names on such lists.

He says the process is open and involves the public in scrutinising political party candidates leading up to an election. “The list of the political parties as well as the candidates contesting the elections are publicised, so that any person who wants to raise an issue with the list or with a candidate can be able to do so.”

Members of the public have until 17h00 on Tuesday the 2nd of April to raise objections on the names published on the Electoral Commission’s (IEC) website, as submitted by political parties contesting the 2019 National and Provincial elections.

IEC Deputy Chief Electoral Officer, Masego Sheburi says people with objections must submit via the available IEC platform. “A person who wishes to object may lodge the objection by sending it to objections@elections.org.za.”

The person raising an objection is required to include their full particulars, including the full name and identity number of the candidate against which an objection is being raised together with any necessary supporting documents.

Some of the grounds for raising an objection against a name, are typically, “That the person, has been convicted to serve a custodial sentence of more than 12 months without the option of a fine and that five years have not elapsed since that person served the sentence.”


Watch explainer video below for more: