Nzimande seeks report on degrading initiation acts at Stellies

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Minister of Higher Education Science and Technology Blade Nzimande says he has requested a report from Stellenbosch University following reports of degrading initiation acts at its Wilgenhof residence.

Nzimande was answering oral questions in the National Assembly.

It has been reported that a secret room has been discovered in the residence, with items such as pictures depicting male sexual assault.

He says the matter is being investigated and that a comprehensive report is expected.

“The department has also established that university has also appointed a panel with advocate from the Cape Bar, deputy registrar gov, ethics and compliance and former university executive with hope that will complete the report to the university but I have requested it must also be submitted to the department as well.”

Meanwhile, Nzimande also announced that, additionally, the department has given further instructions on what interventions should be implemented in an effort to create a holistic picture of the country’s past.

“We are working with all university especially where problems like Stellenbosch, they must do diversity workshops for all staff and students. But clear we need to do more work, which among others is teaching history at schools because one of big problems is that we forget about apartheid, no racism and that everything is hunky dory.”