Some of the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) beneficiaries in Limpopo believe that the agency is not doing enough to uplift and sustain youth development.

The NYDA is a state-owned entity established primarily to tackle socio-economic challenges among young people.

Source of Success Youth Development (SSYD) is a computer training project based in Botlokwa.

At a fee of just over R1 000, the institution offers skills such as computer programming and literacy.

It enrolls 60 people per intake, mainly grade 12 learners. The institution receives most of its equipment from NYDA. However, it says the NYDA must up the ante.

“The equipment that we have we got from the NYDA, but it is not sufficient there is more unemployed youth in our area they need support in terms of financing and and other skills. I suggest the NYDA finance the students to come and do our programme because technology is vital, everyone must have the skills” says Chris Thoka, Project Manager at SSYD.

Discussion on how to growing youth employment for an inclusive and transformed society:

The NYDA says it does not have enough budget and resources beyond its current capacity.

“We have a very huge responsibility of funding the youth all over the country and with the limited budget that we have it cannot be enough but we are not working alone we have various funding institutions…When young people have grown their businesses and they want to expand, we take voucher programme. We are able to carry them to the next funding institution so that they are able grow. we have graduating models that take them to other institution” says NYDA Limpopo provincial Manager, Jerry Shirinda.

The NYDA says it has managed to assist over 140 youth businesses with COVID-19 relief funds across the province. – Report by Lutendo Bobodi