Karl Cloete, Deputy General Secretary of Trade union Numsa has reiterated their rejection of the current National Minimum Wage Bill.

The union has concluded its two-day regional congress in Bloemfontein.

Cloete says if workers do not strike they would not get improved wages. He urged workers to reject the proposed
R3 500 minimum wage.

“In fact, let me say to be silent is not an option. To be silent is in fact a betrayal. If you don’t come out on the 25th then you agree with the amendment. If you don’t speak about what confronts us then you’re complicit; you are betraying us and easily, you become my enemy. I won’t say what I would do to get you.”

Cloete says Numsa and labour federation Saftu will not apologise for the battle they have waged for the workers.

“The R20-per-hour is a stark contrast with the almost R9000 that executives earn. The R20-per-hour for you and R9000 per hour for another, and yet we must buy the same bread; we must buy the same milk… we must buy the same meat.”