Numsa pushing ahead with plans to down tools in steel and engineering sector next week

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The National Union of Metalworkers (Numsa) says it is pushing ahead with its plan to down tools in the steel and engineering sector indefinitely from next week Tuesday.

The union has vowed to shut down the sector which employs more than 400 000 workers, together with its related industries until its wage demands are met.

Numsa first tabled a 15% wage increase demand across the board.

It later lowered the demand to 8%.

Employers, on the other hand, are offering a 4.5% increase. The union says the offer is totally unacceptable.

There are several employer organisations that represent steel companies at the Metals Engineering and Industries Bargaining Council.

Chief among them is the Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of South Africa, Seifsa, and the National Employers Association of South Africa, commonly known as Neasa.

But Numsa has decided to single out Neasa and its Chief Executive Officer Gerhard Papenfus for a vitriolic attack.

Papenfus is adamant that Numsa’s wage demands are unaffordable. He also says the majority of workers do not support Numsa’s strike call.

Numsa has called on all steelworkers and even members of the public at large to support the strike.

Numsa says it’s pushing ahead with plans to down tools in the steel and engineering sector: