Health Minister Zweli Mkhize says the number of young people contracting the coronavirus has increased substantially which is a concern as the country enters the second wave of infections.

South Africa has breached the 6000 mark in new cases in the last reporting period, for the first time since the pandemic began.

Mkhize was giving a virtual update on Wednesday evening on the country’s coronavirus strategy and said the MECs of all provinces have been requested to increase testing and hospital bed capacity.

He added that the National Coronavirus Command Council is considering proposals to deal with large parties or gatherings where young people do not adhere to health and safety protocols.

Mkhize says, “The age distribution has also showed a different pattern from the norm – the peak age in this period is now 15 to 19 years of age group now, this is a new issue and this is what’s most worrying. It’s believed to be due to a large number of parties, involving young people drinking alcohol wearing no masks and social distancing and hand sanitising also not taking place. If this trajectory continues our healthcare system will be overwhelmed by the numbers hence part of the recommendations that are being tabled are now looking at how to contain these large gatherings and large parties a proper decision will be made by the National Coronavirus Command Council. “

Mkhize gave a virtual update on Wednesday evening on the country’s coronavirus strategy:

Second wave unavoidable

Public Health Specialist from the University of Cape Town, Dr Kerrin Begg says the second wave was unavoidable.

Beggs speaks about the pandemic fatigues:

Infographic on COVID-19 Statistics in SA: