The National Union of Mine Workers (NUM) says an independent forensic investigation should be conducted at the Tau Lekoa Gold Mine in Orkney near Klerksdorp in the North West, where four mine workers died following a rockfall on Friday.

Five workers were trapped about 1350 metres below the surface on Friday.  This follows two seismic events. One of the five miners that were trapped has been rescued and hospitalised.

NUM President Joseph Montisetse, “We want the recommendation from the DMR that was done after the accident of 2017. And we will want answers from the mine management about the actions of the rescue team. We also want to know why mine management had not made sure that Africans are represented in that rescue teams. We will want, most important of all these things, a forensic investigation, not a report that will be given by the mine, we want an independent forensic investigation to be conducted.”