Ntshavheni satisfied with SABC’s progress on turnaround strategy

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Minister of Communications and Digital Technology Khumbudzo Ntshavheni says she is happy with the progress made by the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) on its turnaround strategy.

She says government will continue to support the public broadcaster on its TV License Amnesty aimed to write off overdue debts.

As the Minister celebrates her 100 days in office, she says among her biggest achievements in office so far was the revival of the broadcast digital migration process and her success in reducing the number of court actions against her department.

Ntshavheni says some of her priorities for 2022 include the corporatisation of the Post Bank and helping the SABC to be exempted from the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) which currently prevents the public broadcaster to compete with private companies.

The Minister says she will be writing to the board of the SABC to formally register her concerns about the work of the SABC.

Ntshavheni has cited President Cyril Ramaphosa’s visit to West Africa – saying it was not covered by the public broadcaster.

“There have been major events in the continent that are significant. Recently, the President toured West Africa four states and the SABC was not there to cover us.”

Despite the Minister’s assertions, SABC News archival materials show that the President’s visit to West Africa was covered on all SABC platforms.

The public broadcaster was not available at the time of broadcast to respond.

In the related report from May, the SABC said it aims to break even in 2023 and to improve TV license collection:

Digital Migration

South Africa’s Digital Migration process has suffered several delays under previous communication ministers.

The country has long missed the June 2015 deadline set by the International Telecommunications Union for completion of the process.

With only 100 days in office, Ntshavheni believes she’s got the winning formula.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has given the new communications minister the deadline of the end of March to complete the broadcast digital migration.

Timeline | Digital Migration:


On access to data, the minister says she will be going to cabinet with a proposal for free basic data.
She says the corporatisation of the Post Bank will also receive her attention in the new year.,

“I have indicated to my boss that we do not make the target of March 2022, but definitely by the year 2022/23, the corporatisation of Post Bank will be done,” adds Ntshaveni.