NSRI warns of rough seas around the Cape

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The National Sea Rescue Institute has warned the public to be cautious of rough seas from the Western to the Southern Cape.

Heavy swells are expected between Table Bay and Plettenberg Bay as a result of cold and windy conditions.

The NSRI’S Craig Lambinon has warned of strong rip currents.

Lambinon says: “The NSRI are urging the public to be cautious around the coastline. We are currently experiencing the full moon spring tide which peaked on Tuesday. That obviously brings the higher than normal high tide and a lower than normal low tide with stronger than normal rip currents.”

“That together with the current weather conditions has caused the rough sea conditions to prevail between Table Bay and Plettenberg Bay. We are urging the public and the anglers fishing along the shore line to be cautious.”

Weather Office forecaster, Mmathapelo Makgabutlane, says average temperatures of between 15 and 18 degrees can be expected in the Cape between Thursday and Sunday, with an average rainfall of ten to 30 millimetres.

There is an 80% chance of rain from Friday. Makgabutlane says they have also issued a warning to Capetonians about rough seas and strong gale force winds.


“Average wind speeds, we’re looking at about 65 km/h on average. However along the coastline and even down towards Slangkop Cape Point region, we do expect those to be probably touching closer to about 70 km/h on average. And then with the wind gusts going in excess of 80 km/h at times.”