NSRI reveals most drownings occurred in freshwater, not in ocean

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The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) says although many people assume that most drownings occur in the ocean, statistics paint a very different picture.

In South Africa from 2016 to 2021, the highest number of drownings occurred in freshwater with over 3 700 reported.

It’s with this in mind that the NSRI has this week announced its water safety programme, now fully activated in all nine provinces.

Drowning Prevention Manager, Andrew Ingram says while the focus is on primary and secondary school learners, they’ve also included those in the agricultural sector and persons working in and around water.

“Actually, when you think about it, it’s completely logical that most drownings happen on land, that’s where most people live. So, I think people assume that most drownings happen in the ocean and that is not right.”

More details in the podcast below: