NSFAS urges landlord to register accommodations for student payments

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The National Students’ Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) spokesperson Ishmael Mnisi says that the issue of the payments for NSFAS-accredited students’ accommodation is caused by landlords who did not register their accommodation on the NSFAS students’ accommodation registration portal.

This comes as the landlords are threatening to evict students because of non-NSFAS payments.

Mnisi has pleaded with every landlord who did not register their accommodation on the NSFAS portal to do so so that they can process the payments.

He says registered accommodation helps them to pay relevant service providers. “We provide an email asking accommodation providers to register so we can send in inspectors to verify that it is true students are residing there so we can make payments. It is one of the things we have done. Secondly, we also asked students who are residing there to be in contact with us and give us the name of the student residence they are at so we can also send inspectors to verify and make payments.”