NPO expresses disappointment over signing of NHI Bill into law

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The Health Funders Association (HFA), a non-profit organisation, has voiced its disappointment regarding President Cyril Ramaphosa’s scheduled signing of the National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill into law this afternoon without pursuing the necessary amendments.

The signing ceremony is set to take place at the Union Buildings in Pretoria, with the objective of providing universal healthcare to all South Africans.

The HFA has emphasised its commitment to safeguarding the rights of medical scheme members and all citizens who opt for privately-funded healthcare.

In a statement, the Health Funders Association asserted their “focus is on protecting and expanding access to quality healthcare for all South Africans”, insisting they will closely monitor developments and provide updates as needed.

The organisation assures the public that it is prepared for the upcoming phase.

Meanwhile, the advocacy group Section 27 has expressed surprise at Ramaphosa’s decision to sign the NHI Bill into law.

Asiphe Funda, an attorney representing the lobby group, stated, “As an organisation, we’re quite surprised that the legislation will be coming into effect tomorrow. We were still hoping for further engagement on some of the concerns that have been raised by civil society, as well as public health care users. So, there is a form of shock from us, as we don’t think that the bill in its current state is ready to be implemented.”

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