NPA to approach UN for assistance to extradite the Guptas

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Justice and Correctional Services Minister, Ronald Lamola, says the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) will approach the United Nations for assistance to extradite members of the Gupta family.

He says extradition attempts for the controversial family are still ongoing.

Currently South Africa has no extradition agreement with the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Lamola says requests for information from the UAE have been met with resistance.

He says they hope the UN will be able to assist with the matter as the UAE is a signatory of its convention on corruption.

“The NPA through the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development has requested certain information from the UAE authorities and they have responded but the NPA was not satisfied with the information that we have received from the UAE. Further requests have been made to say this information is not enough its not what they are looking for,” says the Minister.

“We have not really received very good cooperation in that regard. So the NPA is exploring other means through the United Nations convention against corruption. It’s a process where all state parties which are signatories to the UN conventions are obliged to cooperate and if its an extradition request to also comply and the UAE is a signatory to that convention,” explains Lamola.

Lamola’s full interview is in the audio clip below: