The Pietermariztburg High Court has concluded day one of the former President Jacob Zuma‘s  case.

Zuma’s lawyer, Muzi Sikhakhane took the whole day trying to persuade the court to see the damage done by the delays in prosecuting the case.

Zuma is applying for a permanent stay of prosecution. He is facing 16 charges of corruption, money laundering and racketeering in relation to the 1999 multi billion rand arms deal.

Sikhakhane urged the court to ask the NPA to thoroughly give reasons of the delays.

“You have a prima facie case against someone that is the time to prosecute. What we see that Mr Ngcuka wanted, he wanted a guarantee that a prosecution will happen. In actual fact, it’s that they assist these courts to evaluate the evidence; and one of the principle that must govern them is that they should walk to get someone convicted…”

Zuma’s legal team told the Pietermaritzburg High Court that separating the Schabir Shaik  and Zuma matters was a well thought out decision to test the water on how Shaik’s case will pan out and then to pursue Zuma.

” It is very important for the judicial eyes to focus on extracting an answer from the NPA on why it believes it has the credibility to stand before it to ask for the prosecution if Mr Zuma and that is a point which we will not surrender,” argues Sikhakhane.

Zuma addresses crowd outside court

Former President Zuma has addressed a crowd outside court where he received a warm welcome. Speaking in isiZulu, Zuma said the case had dragged on for so many years.

“There are three judges listening to the case. So we will have three opinions about my application of permanent stay of prosecution. Let me quick get into the case: I was charged ages ago it’s been over 15 years I think. The judges who have take decisions about the case are about 5 now, but those who want me prosecuted they are still pursuing me. Some judges ruled in my favour, they once again reinstated the charges against me. So my legal team told the court we cannot proceed with the case because it is a public knowledge that even those who were witnesses back them some have forgotten.”

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