NPA provisionally withdraws Estina Dairy Farm charges

Patricia Kopane speaking on Morning Live
Reading Time: 2 minutes

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has written a letter to the representation of the accused on the Estina Dairy Farm case, informing that it intends to provisionally withdraw charges.

The NPA says they can reinstate the prosecution once the investigation has been finalised, and all outstanding information obtained.

The NPA has already lost two court cases related to the Estina Dairy Farm, with the court ruling that they had failed to provide enough evidence to substantiate the allegations, both in the preservation order and the restraint applications.

Head of Democratic Alliance in Free State Patricia Kopane says she was very disappointed when she heard that the charges were provisionally dropped. “I think it’s an insult to the people of the Free State, it’s an insult to the people of Vrede, especially those who were the beneficiaries, who were supposed to have benefited out of this. We all know it’s only the Gupta families and the officials in government and politicians who benefited out of everything. “

“In my mind where I’m sitting, it is clear that the NPA don’t have the political will to fight corruption or they do this deliberately, nobody knows or are they captured. We can even say they are incompetent, they are irresponsible but it is up to the president of South Africa to come and appoint people,” says Kopane.

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