University of South Africa political analyst Professor Lesiba Teffo says he believes that the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) will reinstate criminal charges against President Jacob Zuma.

Tuesday is the D-day for Zuma to make representations to the NPA on why the graft charges which were initially dropped in 2009 should not be reinstated.

Teffo has urged Zuma to subject himself to whatever decision the NPA would take against him.

“Shaun Abrahams is likely to charge the President. I appreciate the vigour and rigor recently found and discovered by Shaun and his team; and I really want to commend them and urge them to continue rather than to denounce and renounce that to a point where they can get demoralised. It’s never too late Mr Shaun Abrahams to do the right thing.”

Teffo says when history books are written President Jacob Zuma’s ten year tenure as the CEO of South Africa will reveal three phases.

He described Zuma personality and administrative style during his presidency as having similarity to the 1966 epic Western film featuring Clint Eastwood as starring “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly…”

“I regard him as the one who can fit the movie ‘the Good, the Bad and the Ugly”. Not everything about him is bad. There are good things, but unfortunately the bad surpasses the good. His conduct in patter pertaining to his moral probity and the legal challenges that he faced and continue to face do not cover him in glory. It doesn’t do him any good. We just hope that he will subject himself to the outcome of the NPA so that he can live with a reasonable modicum of decency and respect.”

Meanwhile, the NPA is expected to make a public announcement about their next move on Zuma’s representation on Wednesday.