NPA confident with its case against Thabo Bester’s alleged accomplices

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The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) in the Free State says it has a strong case against the two men accused of aiding convicted rapist and murderer Thabo Bester to escape from the Mangaung Prison.

Former G4S employee Senohe Matsoare and Zolile Sekeleni who is Dr Nandipha Magudumana’s father are facing five charges including aiding escapes, defeating the administration of justice, fraud, and arson.

The two made a brief appearance in the Bloemfontein Magistrate’s Court today.

“The accused are currently facing five charges and one of those charges is murder because the evidence that has been presented to us as prosecution at the moment is that there was a body that was burnt inside a holding cell at one of the units at the Mangaung Correctional Centre and hence we decided to put that against the accused,” says Provincial NPA spokesperson Phaladi Shuping.

Court case postponed for two suspects who allegedly assisted Thabo Bester escape

Contents of the docket 

A legal expert says it is surprising that the state has added a charge of murder against the two.  Machini Motloung says he expected the state to add a charge of harbouring and concealing a prisoner who has escaped from prison to the charge sheet.

He says it seems the state still needs more information for purposes of bail application.

“In this instance we have a murder charge that has been added much as this may come as perplexing but it would depend on the contents of the docket. And until that time that all is revealed the situation still remains a bit mysterious particularly against the backdrop of what has been playing out in the public domain on a corpse which has been planted at the scene of crime and burnt beyond recognition.”

The matter has been postponed to 17 April for bail information and possible bail application. The two will be remanded in two separate locations.

Meanwhile, G4S is expected to appear before Parliament tomorrow amid the Thabo Bester saga: 


Editorial Note: Our original headline omitted that they are alleged accomplices. We have rectified the error.