NPA adopts more aggressive strategy to successfully prosecute cases

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National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) spokesperson, Mthunzi Mhaga says they are adopting a more aggressive strategy to ensure success in prosecuting cases.

This follows a number of setbacks in high profile cases.

In April the NPA lost its first state capture case related to Nulane Investments, and the application to extradite two of the Gupta brothers from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) also failed.

Mhaga says they want to self-correct.

“What we are doing is to reinforce our proprietorial machinery with forensic companies, financial investigators and hold senior council who are going to be on an advisory basis as well as lead prosecution in some of the cases. We are also prioritising these cases hoping to ensure that we successfully prosecute corruption and state capture cases. We’ve taken stock of the set back in the Nulane case and to ensure that what happened doesn’t happen again however we’re still appealing that matter of importance we want to adopt an aggressive stance when its comes to prosecuting these cases moving forward.”

NPA increases capacity to tackle state capture, complex corruption cases: