Business Leadership South Africa’s Chief Operations Officer (COO), Busi Mavuso, says government’s actions need to posture the country as an attractive investment destination.

This comes after President Cyril Ramaphosa announced a new reduced executive with the number of ministers declining from 36 to 28 and the merging of various departments.

Mavuso says now is the time for South Africa to move forward and see changes in the economy.

“We’ve got serious problems in this country, we’ve got a depressed economy. You know we have got Moody’s on the 16th of May, who said guard against your low growth, guard against the weakening of your institutions and guard against your rising debt levels. So is this the A team that is going to deliver that?”

Mavuso says, “As the business community, we however believe in President Ramaphosa and we’d like to believe that he gets it, he understands what’s at stake here, he understands what he’s dealing with here is not cadre deployment it’s not some job creation scheme for ANC members.”

She adds the country needs more foreign direct investment to drive the economy forward.

Watch the full interview below: