It does not matter why Zuma announced free education: Sasco

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The South African Students’ Congress (Sasco) says it does not matter why President Jacob Zuma announced free higher education. Zuma announced on Saturday morning free education for 90% of students, this despite recommendations by the Heher Commission that free higher education was not feasible. The announcement was met with mixed reaction with some saying the president only made the announcement for selfish sinister motives.

Sasco, however, say the motives of the President are not important.

“It does not matter. Student of South Africa have finally received what they have been fighting for for decades,” says Sasco president, Avela Mjajubana.

Mjajubana says those who criticize the announcement are reckless and are themselves upset that they will no longer be able to use the issue against the ANC.

“It’s unfortunate. They don’t want to see the ANC see to the needs of the poor. They wanted to use the issue of free education to benefit themselves ahead of the 2019 elections.”

Mjajubana says they thank the ANC leadership for “listening to the people”.

He says they will be watching the ANC closely to make sure that they implement free education as early as January 2018.

“Doors must open in 2018. In January 2018, members of Sasco and deploys will be waiting to ensure that the commitment by government is fully implemented.”