Learners at the Northwood Boys School in Durban North have raised funds to help rebuild underprivileged schools in KwaMashu. Many rural schools across the province have been battling with the effects of the coronavirus lockdown.

Mount Royal Primary School on the outskirts of KwaMashu is one of the schools that is currently receiving assistance from the Northwood School.

The learners give their time every Saturday to donate food parcels, Personal Protective Equipment and refurbishing the school.

Northwood School Head Prefect Vernon Mathongo explains how this initiative came about.

“Mr Viljoen was delivering some hand sanitizers when he realised that there are some kids waiting around and they thought that it was a food parcels vehicle and we realised how privileged we are. We then managed to raise some money and food parcels and that’s the day we started to come to the school and took the initiative to help. This is one of the schools that are a no-fee school and we have values and one of those is to believe that nothing is beneath you and you are never too big to do the small things. Giving back is one of those things and here we’re giving back with time, painting and making the classrooms a better environment for the learners.”

Principal at the Mount Royal Primary School, Nkosinathi Zondo, says they are grateful for the assistance as the school’s learners come from child-headed homes, orphaned homes and underprivileged families.

“This initiative brings a lot of home and happiness. The school caters for learners from Mount Moriah, Mount Royal, Avoca, KwaMashu and Ntuzuma. The learners come from RDP houses and most of their families are headed by children. 60% of the learners are orphaned. This project is really bringing hope and happiness. We are very grateful and we appreciate all that Paul and his group have brought to this school.”