The Northern Cape provincial government says all companies that were awarded tenders relating to the coronavirus  pandemic are compliant with government’s requirements for companies doing business with the state.

Concerns were raised that some of the companies that appeared on the list that benefitted were not registered on the government’s Central Supplier Database or CSD.

The list issued by the provincial government indicated that almost R250 million was spent to fight the spread of the coronavirus in the province.

Spokesperson at the Premier’s office Bronwyn Thomas, “I can confirm that the companies that you have queried are all CSD registered and compliant. In terms of C Med that you have queried we can confirm that the company in terms of CSD is in the North West with a South African commercial bank account.”

Gauteng to publish names of  all companies that won PPE tenders

In mid-August, Gauteng Premier David Makhura said they will publish a list of companies that have been contracted to provide goods and services for COVID-19 in the province.
Makhura said they want to be transparent and they will make the list available every month.
This follows allegations of corruption in the awarding of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) tenders worth over R1 billion in the province.
Earlier in August, Makhura denied that his family benefitted from COVID-19 personal protective equipment (PPE) procurement following allegations that claimed he has.
“The Premier David Makhura decided that we should publish the list as part of our commitment to clean governance, as well as transparency and accountability. So we are publishing a list of companies. The first list will be of companies that have been contracted to provide goods and services since April 2020 mainly for goods and services in relation to our response to the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Thabo Masebe, Makhura’s Spokesperson.