The Northern Cape Department of Agriculture is partnering with farmers and police to curb stock theft. In 2019 farmers lost hundreds of animals.

The department says poorly resourced farmers are feeling the pinch.

The Saamwerk Saamtrek Farmers Association says vigorous intervention is needed as stock theft is threatening the rural economy. The associations Sehularo Sehularo says a challenge is with the auctions not verifying when buying animals.

“The challenge is that if you sell at the auctioneers they don’t verify the brand mark they just buy your animals and for us as farmers we feel that stock theft is affecting rural economy because you find that people in rural areas, when their livestock is stolen they end up not having anything to do and then rural economy just dies,” explains Sehularo.

Police have threatened to arrest all people who transport animals without the necessary paperwork. Provincial police spokesperson, Mohale Ramatseba explains.

“We are also sensitizing our communities especially the farming communities. When they transport stock make sure that their stock is having permits so that as we do our road blocks we are able to check. When people are caught with stock without permits we will deal with them accordingly.  That’s why we always urge our farmers when they transport stock they ensure that they have permits,” explains Ramatseba.