Technicians from the eThekwini Municipality are working around the clock to restore water to areas in the south and west of Durban.

Taps in the areas have been dry for days following the breaking down of a water pump in Northdene.

On Tuesday, the city vowed to increase the number of water tankers to ensure that all affected residents get access to clean water.

In the video below, city officials visit pump station following water cuts in some areas:

However, residents fear that they might contact the coronavirus while they search for water.

The elderly are the most affected.

“We had to fight to get water six days ago. Before we used to see water tankers passing by without stopping to give us water, sometimes water tankers will arrive very late at night around 11pm and we had to go and follow it and left scores of aged people without being able to get water.”

“We also saw both ANC and DA people providing water to a selected few individuals. We were walking around in search of water because, in my area in Welbedatch East area, we are not even receiving water from water tankers. We only heard that they passed-by … the situation is bad in our homes,” say residents.

Malfunctioning pump station leaves thousands without water: