North West residents up in arms over stalled housing project

Housing project
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Residents of Extension 13 in Kanana near Klerksdorp in the North West have raised concern about a stalled housing project in the area. They say there has been little movement in the project for the past seven years.

More than 400 houses were expected to have been completed by now.

Beneficiaries were left with incomplete structures. Some were without a roof, windows and door frames, while others, have only a foundation to show.

Residents say they are tired of waiting for their homes.

“On this paper, it shows that the house has been paid up, but at the moment, I am still staying in a shack because I have not received a house,” says one resident.

“I want to see myself staying in this house. Since they created foundations in 2014 till today,” says another resident.

An 84-year-old woman is among those who was supposed to get a home.

Her granddaughter Mmadikeledi Khauoe, who spoke on her behalf says, only the foundation of the house was constructed right next to the home where the family currently stays in. Her grandmother, she says, got injured several times by the abandoned slab.

“All that we want is that we want the RDP to be built because these foundations have injured my grandmother several times and she is not well due to her age. So, what we want is that if they cannot afford to build the house they must come and remove this foundation.”

The local Ward Councillor in the Matlosana Local Municipality, Thabo Seabeng says records at his disposal, indicate that the project has been completed and the contractor paid. But that is contrary to evidence on the ground. He says his efforts to get authorities to address the problem, have been unsuccessful.

“I have engaged relevant authorities more than 10 times but their answers are not satisfying. Really, they are not satisfying.”

The Department of Local Government and Human Settlement has acknowledged that a number of housing projects in the province have not been completed.

MEC for the Department Mmoloki Cwaile says, “Around 30 000 houses or projects are not complete, but majority of those houses are supposed to have been completed. There are foundations that NHBRC have declared them not proper and we will, of course, not continue to build on those. We would have to start afresh.”

The department has undertaken to ensure the unfinished housing projects, are attended to, once funds become available.