North West residents send condolences to Credo Mutwa’s family

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Some North West residents, including Kgosi Jeff Montshiwa of the Barolong Boo-Ratshidi in Mahikeng, have also conveyed their condolences at the passing of Credo Mutwa, one of the country’s renowned traditional healers, a seer and a Sanusi.

The North West Dingaka Association say they are particularly saddened by the fact that they visited Mutwa at his home in Kuruman, only two weeks ago.

He died in the early hours of Wednesday at the age of 98. Mutwa was a prominent and respected resident of Mahikeng.

His cultural home at Lotlamoreng Dam fell into disrepair, when he left, following his expulsion by the then Bophuthatswana President Kgosi Lucas Mangope. He was expelled for predicting his downfall. However, the great Sanusi, will be greatly missed, not only by his family.

“I heard of the sudden death of Credo Mutwa and as Kgosi and leader of Barolong, I hereby send a message of condolences and also to South Africans in general.”

Mutwa was respected by those who worked with him. He was a mentor to many, a healer to others, and a teacher to some. His medicinal knowledge was internationally acknowledged.

In the file video below Credo Mutwa says black men are greater than they think: 

He was a great seer, and most of his predictions came true.

“It was in October, if you are a resident of Mafikeng you will remember the heavy rain on that month. He came here to do some rituals at Lotlamoreng Dam. There are words that he uttered and indeed, if a parent says something we do not take him to consideration, he said we must be careful as danger is coming and also as a traditional healer, he pleaded to us to work together and stop fighting.”

Many locals have fond memories of him. “He was a traditional healer here in Lotlamoreng Dam, he also used to initiate young healers,” says one of the residents.

Mutwa died after a long illness, in Kuruman in the Northern Cape, where he has been living with his family. Author: Bobby Sylvester Serame