Residents of Bethanie village near Brits in the North West have welcomed the improved health services, as a result of the new clinic for their area.

The clinic – built by a mining company, Glencore – has been officially handed over to the North West Health Department.

Two community members in the area that visited the clinic say the operating hours of the facility are flexible and that they can get quick medical assistance…

“They have extended the clinic, also, they have increased the number of health professionals. When we get here we get assistance very quickly.”

“At least we no longer going to walk a long distance and even at night you can visit the clinic.”

In the tweet below, Glencore hands over clinic to the department of health: 

Chief Executive Officer of Glencore Alloys, Japie Fullard says COVID-19 prevention protocols are being followed…

“There are proper screening being done and the people are following the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) protocol and obviously people are being tested or evaluated for COVID, then the clinic will take it from there.”

In the tweet below, new clinic handed over to the North West Department of Health: