North West residents call for dissolution of Mamusa Local Municipality

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Residents of Schweizer Reneke have seized the opportunity during the visit by Cooperative Governance minister Doctor Zweli Mkhize to call for the dissolution of Mamusa Local Municipality.

Mamusa is one of the twelve North West municipalities identified by Cogta as dysfunctional and in need of urgent assistance to recover. Residents say the municipality has deep rooted corruption, and are calling for it to be disbanded.

Community member Sandile Kgosieng says they are now calling for disbandment of the council through Section 139 {1} {C} of the constitution.

“During the process of the ANC, the mayor has hand-picked his own councillors. So, they are afraid of him. So, he just takes the decision, without even hearing what they want. The mayor is the one who’s pushing issues of gangsterism here, because he’s using these gangsters for all community members who disagree with him, the mayor is unleashing gangsters to them. And all we are saying as the community, the council must just be disbanded, because we can’t work with these people.”