The North West is celebrating a successful initiation season.

All 2000 initiates have returned home.

The province says it’s recorded only two deaths during the year.

It attributes the low death toll to the visibility of all social partners at initiation schools.

The young men are going home after months at initiation schools.

The young men are part of more than 6000 in the North West.

Joseph Seile, an initiation school principal says, “I make sure that I take care of my students by ensuring that they come back healthy and I work together with parents of the initiates to agree that they go to the cultural school.”

The practice is for both male and female participants.

North West department of Culture’s Daddy Sebolechwe says, “We are very satisfied with the initiation schools that are run properly at this stage because the Department of CATA, the Department of Health and SAPS they are 100% behind the initiation which is our culture of course.”

House of Traditional leaders’ Kgosi Gustavshole says, “All the schools are complying with the law of initiation schools that is why as you can see that we’ve got incident free schools.”

The province is expecting the numbers of initiates to grow in the coming year.