North West municipalities suffer from service delivery challenges due to political infighting: Experts

North West
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Experts say efforts to intervene at local municipalities, using a section of the constitution, where provincial government deploys an administrator have not helped to improve the state of local governments in the North West because of political squabbles.

They say most municipalities in the North West are unable to uphold their constitutional mandate of delivering services to their residents.

Sewerage spills, lack of water and refuse collection is the norm in different parts of the province.

Local government expert Dr Tshepang Molale talks about how service delivery is affected.

“The sad reality with service delivery in local municipalities in the North West province is unfortunately caused by internal political party squabbles, differences and problems. The use of different interventions, they’re being used to fight political battles. We will never stop to see their challenges mushrooming of cropping up here and the one that convinced that even the interventions at Kagisano-Molopo for instance, interventions at Ditsobotla local municipality will be a thing of the past, continue to see a repetition of these actions being taken.”

The Ditsobotla local municipality was disbanded by the provincial government, last month, allegedly because of poor service delivery and political instability.

Residents under the municipality say a certain calibre of leaders is needed to improve services.

“Ditsobotla is one of the municipalities that was placed under administration for quite some time. Our municipality has never rendered services for a long time. We need good leaders with integrity and transparency.”

“The coming leaders must have interests of the community, the trust, transparency and create jobs for the community.”

“The past few months have been terrible we had no service delivery. I think we need leaders with integrity. Leaders that support the community and that is not corrupt.”