North West Premier, Job Mokgoro says the state of all 22 municipalities in the province is nowhere near sustainable. Mokgoro says municipalities are characterised by internal political infighting, which impacts negatively on delivery of basic services to communities.

Currently, 13 of the municipalities have been placed under administration.

Mokgoro says they have not done enough to implement consequence management.

“I certainly agree with the view that we have not done enough in terms of implementing consequence management. So it is now time that we and those who fail to implement consequence management, must themselves be subjected to consequence management. It is high time that we really depart from the approach we’ve been using.”

During their visit to the province, National Council of Provinces representatives also raised concerns regarding the state of municipalities in the province. NCOP representative, China Dodovu, says that they must make sure there is consequence management.

“These irregularities, this corruption, this fraud, these malfeasances must be attend to by those who are responsible. There must be a way that we hold people accountable for their own actions. We must make sure that there is consequence management.”