The North West local government has threatened to disband some of the municipalities that refuse to accept assistance of the provincial government. The province has placed 13 municipalities under administration, citing collapse of governance and financial mismanagement, among other reasons.

Last week, the Kagisano Molopo Municipality in Ganyesa near Vryburg succeeded in persuading the North West High Court to reverse the decision to place it in under administration.

North West government’s Gordon Kegakilwe says they are serious about their efforts to improve local government in the province.

“If we reach that stage, we’ll definitely do that without any fear or favour. Ours is to understand that we are following the law. And then ours is to understand that we must work together to change the local sphere; to make it work for the citizens. We don’t want citizens to lose hope in the sphere of government called local government.”

The chairperson of the provincial legislature’s committee on local government, Aron Motswana, says placing municipalities under administration has not proven effective.

“We are recycling administrators in the province. A particular administrator failed in a particular municipality, you take him to another municipality and you are expecting results. Some of these administrators have been fingered in wrongdoing. Now, we don’t want to end up in a situation where there are going to be escalation of political matters, instead of improving governance in those particular municipalities.”