A political analyst from the North West University, Dr Oshupeng Maseng, says although there are challenges regarding service delivery in the province, he is of the view that legislature members are using these challenges for political gain.

Vryburg residents protest over the lack of service delivery in the area:

Dr Maseng expressed his views following concerns raised by the North West Legislature Chairpersons Forum during a meeting with Premier Job Mokgoro. The forum summoned Mokgoro, to raise concerns about the non-performance of his executive committee members.

“We must also consider that there might be a bit of politicking behind in a sense that, when you look at legislation, legislation actually allows the provincial legislature to convene the premier to fire those who are within the executive council. So it might be politicking at the same time, not genuinely concerns on service delivery,” Dr Maseng says.

Chairperson of the committee of chairpersons in the legislature, Mmoloki Cwaile, says they are also not pleased by the administrators appointed to municipalities.

“Administrators deployed to the municipalities where just taken from the streets and no proper selection or recruitment process for the public sector. They were not subjected to vetting but they were made to preside even as acting municipal managers, CFOs at different municipalities, and it is both historical and cotemporaneous that the performance of Section 139 administrators have not been satisfactory.”