The North West government says they are busy finalizing its plans to rollout COVID-19 vaccine to residents. Health workers and the vulnerable in society will be among the first to get vaccinated.

Residents have called on government to speed up the rollout of vaccines.

Here are what some of the residents had to say:

“With the fact that they’ll start with the frontline workers first, I think it’s a good thing. It’s a positive thing as well because these people who are the health department and are the ones exposed to corona more than anyone else.”

“I am the victim also. I contracted COVID-19, and even now sometimes I have difficulty to breathe. Although I have recovered, but I have difficulties there, so I think I’m in support of the vaccine.”

South Africa’s COVID-19 rollout strategy: 

Meanwhile, a member of executive council in the North West, Saliva Molapisi, have given the undertaking that they will be ready to distribute the vaccine when it becomes available.

“Public representative … we are at the forefront, but what we are saying is that there are people who are more directly involved in working with this, you know. We are there to ensure compliance to advise our people … but the people we must prioritise are those who are directly involved who are in contact with people who are infected, even those who have not tested positive. So, we need to prioritise and consider those who are directly involved.”

South Africa’s cumulative COVID-19 cases have jumped to 1 325 659 with 13 973 new coronavirus infections recorded in the last reporting period.

The country has also recorded 384 new COVID-19 related fatalities on Saturday, taking the death toll to 36 851.

Latest SA stats: