North West boosts efforts to register elderly for COVID-19 vaccination

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Most people over the age of 60 in North West are unable to access the Electronic Vaccination Data System to register for the COVID-19 vaccine.

MEC for Health in the province Madoda Sambatha is on a drive to assist those who cannot register themselves.

“In North West, we have areas where connectivity is a problem and individually we have communities where there might be no cellphones available. We have assisted with registrations, mobilizing ward committee members and tracers of the Department of Health, doing door-to-door registration. We are applying a principle that the same people we want for vaccination are the same people each time we come to them and say they must register to vote.”

Senior citizens welcomed the assistance to register and be vaccinated.

“I work with people. I’m a traditional healer. People who come to me must be safe,” says a senior citizen.

“‘I’m happy that the department is here to give us vaccines. We were warned about people who pretend to facilitate them,” adds another senior citizen.

The MEC says the door-to-door campaign also increased the provincial vaccination registration roll.

” When we went to Makwassie we got 252 vaccinated on that day. When we went to Kaya Kool we got 243. When we got here we were told already they are far above 200. The commitment we made with management is that all of them shall be vaccinated today. Provincially as we speak now, statistics are that North West has vaccinated 62 000 people. Of course, it’s still two categories. It’s still finishing healthcare workers who were vaccinated in phase one and continuing with sixty and above.”

The department says the campaign will go to different villages across the province every week.

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