North West ANC NEC, newly-elected provincial officials served with court papers

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North West ANC NEC and the newly-elected provincial officials have been served with court papers.

Party Provincial Secretary Louis Diremelo has confirmed that they have been served with court papers by a group of aggrieved party members in the province.

The group intends to challenge the outcome of the ninth provincial conference which was held in Rustenburg last weekend.

It is questioning the legitimacy of the conference saying there were irregularities and non-compliance with the party’s Constitution.

Diremelo says, “Yes indeed we have received those particular court papers and indeed we are going to respond to them accordingly. The ANC even national headquarters is taking those particular issues very serious.”

The implications of the court order on the ANC North West elective conference:

All the respondents are expected to submit their notice of intention to oppose the matter not later than 11am this morning, while their answering affidavits are expected no later than eight o’clock tomorrow evening.

Political analyst from the North West University, Professor Andre Duvenhage, says it is difficult to determine what the outcome of the court case will be.

“Politically I personally think that the conference was in order, there were minor problems. There was the rigging of elections or attempts in this regard. But when it comes the legal process, there may be technical points on which a legal process may find the ANC conference as illegal.”