North West ANC IPC accused of further dividing the party

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Some members of the African National Congress (ANC) in the North West are accusing the party’s Interim Provincial Committee (IPC) of not sticking to its mandate of uniting the party and building structures.

They say the IPC is causing even more divisions. However, there are those that believe the IPC has reneged on its mandate.

“It is our passionate view that the current IPC of the ANC is factional and divisive in nature. In fact, they have led to a collapse of structures since the disbandment of the then, PEC of the ANC that was led by comrade Supra Mahumapelo. These comrades have been divisive and very obsessed with promoting their friends into various positions of power so that they can be able to enrich their families and themselves. Their bias and favouritism deepen factionalism in the province,” says their spokesperson Wessels Morweng.

Earlier calls for the removal of the IPC: 

Despite this, however, the leadership of the IPC maintains that all is well.

“Out of the 407 wards that we have, we are currently sitting at about 346 established IPC’s across,  it is an achievement. It’s an achievement that has in fact helped us to bring about stability in the North West., and I think you would know that before the IPC every now and then, there was either a march to Mpekwa House or regional offices, fighting. All of that is gone in the province,” says IPC Coordinator Hlomane  Chauke.

Chauke says they are ready to take the party to the provincial conference. “By the way, the mandate of the IPC was to make sure that we go to the provincial conference and I think we were ready as in yesterday now. But if it was not because of COVID, if it was not because of the fact that we had to deal with the new membership system, the province will be ready to have gone to conference hence in our road map,  we set up January to be the targeted date that we agreed upon.”

The IPC was established after the Supra Mahumapelo-led Provincial Executive Committee was disbanded in 2018 following violent protests by residents from across the North West. It says it remains hopeful that the North West ANC will be able to hold its provincial conference around April next year.

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